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The Art of Commitment

Aug 4, 2023 | ideas & inspiration | 16 comments

FOR THE SECOND year in a row, this spring I participated in a 100-day art challenge during which I painted 100 small watercolors over a (very loose) course of 100 days. Completing such a challenge took more energy and focus than I ever would have guessed. But the benefits, to me, greatly outweighed the (dare I say it) weight. My skill improved for sure, and I love flipping through the complete collection now housed in a perfect little box. Most significant, though, was the way the exercise heightened my awareness of all the things, large and small, that make up the days of my life.

Over both years so many paintings were of mundane items or of moments that seemed, what? Ordinary? Unworthy? Insignificant? But every one had a story that surrounded it. A teacup—the day my friend, Sharmin, came by for a visit; the vacuum cleaner—the day I prepped for a party; a downtown parking meter—the week I had jury duty. (I still think about that case on the regular.) Other paintings marked more significant scenes and events, including a day-by-day record of our amazing April RV trip all through the American Southwest. Some of my very most treasured paintings are landscapes I painted while on that trip.

How many of these moments would be lost to me but for the commitment that was required to notice, to acknowledge, to take the time to record. I am so happy the 100 Day Project brought me that gift. The global initiative also offered a great deal of encouragement to share your daily art publicly, something I never would have done, and I found such a community of love and support I recently formed Studio CRM and opened a storefront on Etsy named Studio CRM. (I’ll share more about this in an upcoming Grace Notes.)

the day I painted the weather
our first night in the RV—I remember how nervous and excited I was!
the joy of coming upon a tiny, hometown Piggly Wiggly
one of my favorite National Park hikes
the day I fell more deeply in love with this beautiful state
the big finale: our “Buddy” on Cats Mountain

Just writing this makes me realize how much I’ve missed the discipline of a daily art practice and I think I’ll give a little thought to a way to carry that energy and intention forward. Maybe it’ll be a daily journal, or a return to a #100 days project, or something I haven’t thought of yet—a series combining words and paint?

How I do love the many splendors of making!

Thank you for being here,



  1. Lou Robinson

    I enjoy your writing & your art. I look forward to each email. It is uplifting and so real life!

    • Cathy

      I’m so honored! What a lovely thing to say—thanks for taking the time to let me know. I so appreciate it. And I appreciate you!

  2. Gail Ginsberg

    Your work is lovely and so real. Have enjoyed the ride.

    • Cathy

      Thank you, Gail! It’s a joy to see you here, and I so appreciate the encouragement and support!

  3. Amy W Carroll

    Each watercolor brought a smile to my face! They were beautiful!!!

    • Cathy

      Oh, thank you, Amy! I’m so happy our paths crossed all those years ago. I still remember that shoot fondly, and I enjoy following you on the socials. So glad you’re here!

  4. Melissa Ligon

    I so enjoyed your journey, thanks for sharing it. It was nice to know someone I know was also doing the challenge (and watching!). Glad to have the accountability. Big love, Melissa

    • Cathy

      GIRL! You are the one! Your word series was so inspiring. It was so much fun to follow along. (And your hand-lettering: chef’s kiss!) Thanks for the joy you brought me and so many others. As always!

  5. Patti Miller

    I enjoyed this journey with you.

    • Angela Blair

      Love everything you share. Thank you for letting us share in your adventures

      • Cathy

        It always makes me smile to see you here. Thanks for coming along and for commenting. You are sunshine! XXOO

    • Cathy

      I’m so honored you came along, Patti! And I missed you at Hindman. Looks like your trip was magical. 🙂

  6. Debbie

    I’ve really enjoyed your commitment to the 100 day challenge. I was unable to really get going on it because my life is so crazy. However you have motivated me to keep trying.

    • Cathy

      I love that you’re like me and want to do All The Things! Sometimes there is a limit, though. (Dang it!) Hugs and kisses, my sweet friend.

  7. Donna Tucker

    Love this so much and have enjoyed following your journey!

    • Cathy

      So happy you have been on this journey with me. Because my friend, you definitely have! XXOO

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