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The Daily Grace

Letting go.

Jun 25, 2024 | ideas & inspiration | 1 comment

IT’S ALL possibility, that blank spread before you, the pages waiting, willing, wondering what the future holds. So many options. So much freedom! It’s a journal, after all, a private space meant for play and experimentation, the stakes so low as to encourage frivolity and abandon. What’s that? you say. Yes, the pages say, abandon, wild abandon! Color. Style. Medium. Acrylic? Watercolor? Ink? Pencils! Crayons! Markers! The pages say yes! The ethos says YES. Choose one, choose two, choose them all should you be so inclined. Add a layer of collage! Or start with a layer of collage: words, photographs, ribbon or string. Marks, all your own. Or not! Because it’s all acceptable, every single bit, whatever you want to do. No rules, no judgement, no expectation. Just the freedom of play, the joy of creating, the expression and manifestation of something that was not and is now and forever will be because you made it.

It’s a magical place, this land of possibility.

It’s a magical place waiting for you.


It feels this summer is a great time to write a series of short essays about things and moments that make me happy. I hope they make you happy, too.

1 Comment

  1. Colleen

    This is exactly how you taught me about the joy of painting. It’s never wrong and can always be shaped and reshaped.

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