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RV Life Q & A, the nitty-gritty

May 29, 2023 | travel & adventure | 6 comments

SINCE WE posted our last video, we’ve gotten so many questions about RV particulars we thought we’d do our best to answer them for you here! We talk cost, sewage, laundry and more—if you’re thinking of a trip and have some lingering concerns, we hope we address them here!

One more “favorite things” RV post to go, then I’ll be back to regular The Daily Grace posting.

Thanks for coming along!

in which Stella makes a surprise guest appearance

Until then—




  1. Mary Elizabeth

    Good information. Great idea to share via Q & A. Of course, Stella is the STAR!

    • Cathy

      She is, isn’t she? You can just see her thinking: HEY. I’M A PART OF THIS! Thanks for watching, ME! XXOO

  2. Angela G Blair

    Love the video, Stella is beautiful! Thanks for the information you both gave, very informative.

    • Cathy

      Thank you for watching, friend! Stella is happy to have made her presence known! XXOO

  3. Kim Burgess

    How hilarious that Stella starts to whine at the mention of ” black water “…. LOL

    • Cathy

      Haha! I didn’t notice that. Too funny!

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