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Tips for First-Time RVers

May 16, 2023 | travel & adventure | 6 comments

It’s another video! And this time, Tim is with me as we dish about the big RV adventure, sharing the biggest surprises of the trip as well as some tips for anyone considering such a journey. It’s our hope you’ll find this content helpful or if not, you’ll at least get a kick out of the two of us filming our first duo video (as just below the camera Stella continually nudged me with the nastiest tennis ball known to man).

Do let me know what you think! And please offer any RV or travel tips of your own in the comments!

(One more RV post to come with links to our favorite RV trip must-haves, then we’ll get back to our regularly-scheduled Daily Grace programming. Non-RVers, thanks for your patience!)

Until then—




  1. Angela G Blair

    I would love to see you guys go through the smokies, that would have such a beautiful scenery for you guys. Love the video, very informative and nice to hear how you both feel about the experience itself.

    • Cathy

      That’s such a great idea and you are so right. A trip through the Smokies would be AMAZING. Putting it on the list! XXOO

  2. David White

    Good information. Thank you both. I closely followed P. Crawford when he was doing his RV blog. Even went to meet him once when I was near where he was. (Took him a steak and a six-pack.)

    As a long-time (mostly car) camper, I’m highly interested in provisioning and scheduling. What did the kitchen packaging omit that you supplied originally and how would you change that?

    Without getting too hung up on this question, how did daily cost estimates fit with reality?

    Shore-line resources vs “carried” resources (power, water (fresh, gray and black) are slightly mysterious to me. For instance, how often was the black-water maintenance? Did you have solar power?

    I’ll stop asking questions but I could go on and on bending your ears.

    Thanks again for the entertaining travel logs, and tips and tricks.


    • Cathy

      Those are such great questions! We’re thinking of doing a Q & A because you’re right–there are lots of small (and large) details that matter. Also, we are available IN PERSON for dear friends and neighbors. hahaha! No beer or steaks required 🙂

  3. Lisa Roberson

    You two are precious!! I just smiled and smiled while watching and listening. Your trip sounds fascinating and filled with new surprises and experiences everyday! Thank you both for sharing.
    Also, I must say….Tim is just way too cute in this!!!
    Peace and Love
    Lisa R

    • Cathy

      Thank you, friend. I felt a little silly doing it so I appreciate your endorsement. Big hugs!

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