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Day 28: Stretching

Mar 26, 2023 | 30 Days of Joy | 7 comments

A few quick thoughts as I stretch my 30 Days of Holiday (haha) Joy right on out towards April.

ONE. I’m currently participating in a worldwide initiative called The 100 Day Project, during which artists and creatives of every shape and style commit to 100 days of making. This making can be of anything you want, with any goal you have in mind. (Or with no goal at all, if that’s your jam.) The point is to commit and then to create, which just happens to be the winning formula—simple as it is—for any creative endeavor. This is my second go and just as last year, I’m attempting 100 small watercolors. While my start has felt a bit rocky (not a surprise as I’d painted exactly ZERO watercolors since completing the exercise last year), I’m happy I signed on because it has been a great reminder of how important it is to stretch—out of my comfort zone and against the drive to perfection—and to laugh at every opportunity, remembering: You get a do-over tomorrow. And isn’t that the heart of it all, really? The promise, and the grace?

TWO. I have been doing yoga, at home, almost every morning. And I do not exaggerate when I tell you the benefits to my (URGH aging) body, such as it is, and to my soul and my countenance have been enormous. I’m proud of the strength I am gaining, little by little, but oh it is the stretching—on every level—that is giving me life. It is the best thing I do.

THREE. Talk about stretching. This is the week we leave for our big Westward Ho! trip, Tim, Stella (the dog) and I, via a rented 25-foot RV. The preparations, considerations, excitement, and—for me—bits of trepidation are swirling around our house like winds in a forming tornado. (Lord I hope that’s not foreshadowing.) Neither of us has ever attempted a journey like this, and while we know it will be the adventure of a lifetime, we also believe in a case like this, preparation = enjoyment. We’re looking at 31 days, 14 states, 14 National Parks and one Ghost Town in a 6500+-mile journey. I plan to post along and along here on The Daily Grace, time, energy and internet access withstanding. And I’ll definitely share photos (and some Southwest-themed #100daysofdailygrace watercolors, no doubt), via my Facebook and Instagram feeds, should you care to follow along.


I’m anxious excited, can you tell?

Until next time!



  1. Paul Merten

    Have a great journey!

  2. JC

    Adventure awaits, enjoy every minute. Safe travels. Love and light.

    • Cathy

      You are right, my sweet friend. Thank you!

  3. Joretta and Joe

    If time allows, stay off the “big roads.” There are delightful surprises in small places. KOAs have well kept facilities, and County campgrounds are usually less crowded.
    You are indeed on a trip you will treasure forever.
    Be safe!!

    • Cathy

      Thanks for the great tip. We will remember and take the side road every chance we get! Great to know about the KOAs, etc. Tim has made reservations for us based on loads of research, so hopefully we are in good shape but if not, we’ll refer to this! Thanks again!!!

  4. Tanya Butts

    Take an electric water boiler — It’s perfect for tea, french press coffee and oatmeal – all the important food groups! Oh, and if you haven’t already packed one – get a small french press….

    • Cathy

      Great info, Tanya. We have spent so much time discussing such things and had not considered an electric water boiler. Thank you, thank you!

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