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Mar 31, 2023 | travel & adventure | 15 comments

It is underway! Day two of our big Westward Ho RV adventure is here, and the morning finds us waking up in a gorgeous spot just outside of Chattanooga, right alongside the Tennessee River. So far, so happy—we LOVE the RV, had a great travel day yesterday, slept great last night in our RV bed and can’t wait to see what Day Two holds.

I’m on the run so here are highlights. Today, on to Nashville!

Telling Eliza and Preston goodbye
And we’re off!
So much for the dog gate. Stella settles in just where she wants to be.
First stop, Clemson! Lunch with Leslie and Scott.
We took the backroads though SC, GA, NC, GA (again), TN!
Dinner in Chattanooga. The miracle? We found a place to park!
Along the Tennessee River. Not a bad spot to spend our first RV night.
Ava. She lives here. She thinks she’s a dog, but she’s a wolf. An actual wolf.
Stella is sure she’s a wolf.
Tucked in for the night.
Morning! Sweet Ava was waiting for us outside our door.

Westward ho!


  1. Rebecca Bursch

    We live with n Chattanooga on the Tennessee River- there is so much to do here!! I hope you enjoyed it!

  2. David

    I followed P Crawford’s travels with great happiness. I hope to do so here, too. Travlin’ mercies on ya’.

  3. sally gregg\

    Oh this is all just so fun. I will be living vicariously through your trip. Scott and I might emulate it – so keep lots of notes about dos and don’t and best stops along the way!

    Very safe travels. You are precious cargo!

  4. Janice Culpepper

    I’ve always wanted to drive cross country in an RV and stay as long as I wanted to at each place.
    Cathy, here’s your next book and Tom’s new Truck Driving Job.
    Can’t wait to hear about each day!
    Have fun and stay safe! Love you two!

    • Janice Culpepper

      Sorry, spell check wanted to give Tim a new name for his new job! Lol!

  5. Mary Elizabeth

    The mountains are just waking up from their winter nap. What a great time to be traveling!

  6. Brenda

    I love this and want to do this too! I can’t wait to see the entire trip!! Safe travels and enjoy the adventure.

  7. Paul Merten

    Looks like a great start to your adventure. Love the wolf! Tim, you will be driving like a trucker in no time!

  8. Donna Tucker

    Love it!

  9. Cindy Enfinger

    And it’s just day 2! I’m having fun already. Westward Ho baby!

  10. Cindy Enfinger

    All this and it’s just day 2! I’m having fun already! Westward Ho baby!

  11. Vickie


  12. Wiley McCarthy

    A wolf! Reminds me of seeing mama black bear and dawdling cub cross in front of my car en route to Shenandoah hiking trip with one of my daughters. We did not pet the bear lol.


    <3 I love this so much!

  14. colette rodbell

    I’m so happy to be able to share this trip with you!

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