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Day 6: The Secret Recipe–My World Famous Chex Party Mix!

Dec 3, 2020 | 30 Days of Joy | 9 comments

The holidays roll around and so do the requests for my World Famous Chex Party Mix. Even though I realize it is World Famous only because I am willing to make it, I’ve decided to—right here on The Daily Grace—divulge my biggest Chex Party Mix secrets. Ready? Here goes.


Except for this.


plus Cheerios, because my mother did*

And except for this.

A LITTLE LESS WHEAT CHEX, because that box doesn’t go as far (and also because people don’t really like the Wheat Chex in there all that much, except for Alex, who swears they’re his favorite.)

And except for this.

ADD A LITTLE BIT MORE BUTTER THAN IT CALLS FOR. I’d say PLUS two tablespoons or so, because how can more butter be bad? AND AN EXTRA DASH OF WORCESTERSHIRE just because that seems right. And maybe a tad more season salt? If you’re feeling it? (Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.) But don’t add more garlic powder or onion powder. That makes it too powdery, somehow.

And this.

I don’t always use pita chips even if they are quite yummy because those suckers are expensive. I do use good mixed nuts but mess around with the amount depending on if I found them on sale. (Keep an eye out for December discounts on all the ingredients—this can be a big help when you need some volume.)

Also, and this is key:


Make it the way God intended, baked in the oven, low and slow at 250 degrees. Stir every 15 minutes or whenever you remember to, for an hour or maybe an hour +10 minutes.

DO NOT LET IT BURN. DO let it almost start to brown, thus the +/- 10 minutes.


  1. When you get to the bottom of the cereal bag, do not use the crumbly dregs. They soak up the yummy butter and seasonings and throw off the whole ratio.
  2. Make way more than you think you need. I plan in batches of boxes. By that I mean—one box each of wheat, rice, and corn Chex, and part of a box of Cheerios (plus the other stuff) will make four batches. You’ll want at least that much to not have to worry about the 10,000 sneaked bites that start the moment the aroma of Chex Mix roasting hits your home’s airwaves. Plus you’ll want plenty to share.
  3. Oh, and you’ll want a tin for Christmas morning. We always, always have Party Mix to snack on when we open presents which seems strange now that I write it but IT IS MOSTLY CEREAL and most importantly, it’s what Mom did.


*Similarly, please note I am 100% sure bows go at the top of a wreath. I know this because years ago, my mother corrected me on my bow-at-the-bottom hanging methodology. I asked (rather impertinently) how she knew a bow should go at the top. With no hesitation she responded:

“Because Mother said so.”

3 cups of Corn Chex
3 cups of Rice Chex
2-2.5 cups Wheat Chex
1 cup (ish) of pretzel thins, broken in half, or maybe a half cup, however much you want
1 cup (more or less) of mixed nuts
1 cup bite size bagel chips, broken into bite-size pieces (i usually omit this, although they’re a nice addition)

6 tablespoons butter, plus 1 more for good measure
2 tablespoons worchestershire sauce
1 1/2 teaspoons seasoned salt
3/4 teaspoons garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon onion powder

Preheat oven to 250 degrees.
Mix cereals, nuts, pretzels and bagel chips in a big ol’ bowl.
Melt butter, then mix in worchestershire sauce and seasonings.
Toss with cereal mixture. DO THIS GENTLY BUT INSISTENTLY.

Spread on a big roasting pan. (I use the one that came with my oven. I like those tall sides.) Bake for 1 hour stirring every 15 or 20 minutes. Then I usually go another 10 minutes or so to be sure it is just getting golden brown. But you have to watch it—you do not want it to burn.

Cool, share and enjoy. And when people say, “This is the best Party Mix ever!” just give them a big, knowing smile. It is the recipe on the box, after all, with a few very secret adjustments.

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  1. Colleen

    I love this mix. However, the recipe, additions and subtractions make me a little dizzy. I’ll just place an order for 4 pounds

    • Cathy

      Well you don’t follow recipes anyway so use this as a starter and make your own version. Then share it with me! It will be delicious! XXOO

      • Colleen

        Well, that is true I do deviate. But when it comes To traditional holiday recipes I try to keep on the straight and narrow. Your mix is absolutely joyous. It’s made with love, patience and measurement.

  2. Alex Monetti

    Just here to reaffirm my strong belief that the Wheat Chex is the best part.

    • Cathy

      My favorite comment, ever, on the blog. Thank you, Alex Monetti!

  3. Leslie

    I love this one & especially love Posey’s wreath bow rule because I agree with that! And you know I always follow the rules!!

    • Cathy

      Hahaha! XXOO

  4. Catherine Stewart

    I am definitely making this! Gram’s was the best!!

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Cathy

      You are welcome, sweet Catherine. Do let me know how it turns out! Will be just as good as Mom’s, I promise, although we will all miss being together in the Barn Room eating it in our pajamas, dogs and people and wrapping paper strewn everywhere. Love you!

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