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Day 5: There are certain truths in properly decorating a Christmas tree. Let’s be at peace with this.

Nov 30, 2020 | 30 Days of Joy | 10 comments

THIS WEEKEND we secured, lit and (mostly) decorated our Christmas tree. My husband and I agree this is a major accomplishment because we’ve been married 18 years and he understands the #1 rule of the time-honored tradition:


I am the one who knows the right way.

Consider the lights. A million are required, and it is vital that they be properly placed to begin with since the lighting forms the foundation for all the decorating that is to follow. Also, and this is the important part, there is no coming back from a methodology error that might require adding lights at the end due to holes, or whatever.

This is an issue with which I have some familiarity. If memory serves, there was the year the lights actually went out with the dead tree as there were so many criss-crossed lines (I warned them about this) that it was not possible to unwind them. It was the following Christmas—I believe it was the following Christmas—that Eliza and Tim first instituted their own process (without me) of shopping for the tree (without me), erecting the tree (without me), stringing all the lights (without me), then declaring their work “done” and walking away, victorious.

(It took two tins of my famous homemade Chex Party Mix and the promise of White Russians to get them back.)

THIS YEAR—do I even have to say it?—this year has been different. Eliza was not here to help (#dangCOVID) and so we compromised. Tim secured the tree and somehow got it in its stand and standing straight and properly watered before I hardly knew what was up. Then we commenced to put on the lights together, by which I mean he unrolled and held them while I oh so carefully placed each and every bulb just where I wanted it, just where it belonged, based on the unique nature of this particular tree.

The whole system worked flawlessly, more or less, and once it was done we stood back to check and admire.

How does it look? I asked, my hands on my hips, my head tilted in full consideration.

Just like the Milky Way, is what he said.

Just like the Milky Way. I am at peace with that.

~ XXOO ~

30 Days of Joy

Photo by Free Nature Stock on Unsplash


  1. Claire

    I think Vinny and I will make this tonight and snack on it while we watch Christmas movies! Maybe this will be a new tradition. Boy how i miss the old days though. Eating this mix at Grams, drinking russian tea, and burning our Christmas lists to Santa in the barn room fireplace. Thank you for this. Love & miss you all as always!

    • Claire

      I swear I put this under the check mix post hahaha. Oops.

  2. Leslie

    You & I…we are kindred spirits, my friend ?

    • Leslie

      Why did my Christmas tree emoji turn into a ? ?

      • Cathy

        Sorry about that. Working on a plugin to fix it in the future!

  3. Meg

    Greatest guy in the galaxy.

  4. Amey Warder


  5. Colleen

    Just , wow


  6. Julie T.

    OH TIM!! ????

    • Julie T.

      My two hearts turned into question marks which is SUPER AWKWARD! Ha ha!

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