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Day 25: A Bit of Chit Chat

Jan 8, 2015 | 30 Days of Joy | 2 comments

They were having quite a conversation, these two, and I watched them for the longest time. Was it world events? Family problems? Some gossip, per chance, about the goings-on around Bickley’s Pond?





Or perhaps–like the rest of us–they were simply discussing this cold, cold weather!



30 Days of Joy


  1. Alice Wyatt

    Curious- how did Bickley’s pond get it’s name ?

    • Cathy

      The land around the pond was/is owned by a man with the last name Bickley. When it became a subdivision, the pond was named Sterling Lake. That’s just never felt right to me. So I started calling it Bickley’s Pond because I like the sound of that better. (And, to tell the truth, I think it is way more appropriate for our little pond which is most certainly NOT a Sterling Lake. Thanks for asking, Alice!

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