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Day 24: in january

Jan 6, 2015 | joy | 6 comments

on Bickley's Pond

on Bickley’s Pond

There is something to love about each season, every month, those nearly imperceptible day-to-day shifts in nature that keep things changing, time rolling on. I believe it to be one of the universe’s most brilliant design characteristics—a gentle nudging that keeps us mere mortals (who can tend to become a bit set in our ways) always moving forward. It’s true in bud-rich Spring, on that we can easily agree. But it’s true in January, as well, this time of quiet gray and soft light, this month in which the world around us whispers Take a breath. Take a moment. Take stock.

How I love January.



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    Just wonderful. Thank you.

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      Thank you, Kevin!

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    Your photograph is breathtaking. I paused,took a deep breath and was thankful that there is beauty every where and at all times. My resolve for the coming year – pause,take a deep breath and be aware. Thank you for all the Daily Grace that comes my way. Love,Joy and Peace

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      I am so happy. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts!

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    Thanks, “Good Stuff”!

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      Thank you, thank you!

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