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Departure Two

Aug 16, 2012 | god & grace | 9 comments

Just today, I said to a friend about Eliza’s leaving for her sophomore year: I am so glad it’s this year and not last. I will miss her, yes. But it is so different not to be worrying about how she will adjust. She’s headed off for the best year of her life, and that makes me happy.

I meant it, too.

And then we headed out for an afternoon of final prep, a thousand decisions to be made about dorm room storage, refrigerator capacity, pencils and pads and printers. How high will the beds be? Can the closet hold the stacking drawers? Where on earth will the laundry basket go?

Mission eventually accomplished, we stopped for a celebratory dinner at E’s favorite local restaurant.

we titled it “Goof Head 2”

I sat there across the table thinking how much I like her, how much she has grown since last August, when she was a little high school girl running headfirst into the New Reality of college.  (I, the mother, clung desperately to those last days of childhood.)

It has been quite a year for us both.

At home tonight, we faced other enviable tasks, like determining the ideal meal plan, checking the tuition report, forwarding summer transcripts.

yup. that’s my baby, sitting on my lap.

And we strolled through the neighborhood in what I guess is our final walk of summer. I had not even made it out of the front yard when I looked down to find this.

I think it is the prettiest feather I’ve found yet, a sweet reminder that while my heart feels heavy with the dread of her leaving, this time I understand my girl will come home again. And when she does, she will be more Eliza than ever.

thanks be to God



  1. Sharon

    My heart is so full! As much as we hate to see our baby girls grow up, it is a beautiful thing to see them become women.

  2. Julie

    Just simply lovely.

    • Cathy

      Thank you, Jules. Thank you.

  3. Emma

    Oh I LOVE the black and white photo. Made me miss my Mom!!

    • Cathy

      Thank you, Emma. I love it, too.

  4. Shanna

    Such a lovely picture of the two of you, up there in black and white. And such lovely art you have on the walls!

    • Cathy

      Thank you, Shanna! My friend @colleenAkelly is a newbie on Instagram so she was “practice shooting” while E and I attempted to figure out summer transcripts. I love her capture of that moment. The gorgeous painting just above my shoulder is a Ringling assignment by my nephew, Ben Rigg, who gave it to me for Christmas. Can you imagine? And the cool chair painting is by a local artist. Another love. (Thank you for giving me the opportunity to gush!)

  5. julie Marr

    Somehow it’s all good, isn’t it? Love the window into your mother/daughter life. xo

    • Cathy

      Thinking of you, my friend, facing these same goodbye kisses that I am. Hope your summer has been restful and filling!

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