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Much Ado About Verona

Jul 3, 2012 | travel & adventure

Verona, he said.

As in “Two Gentlemen of?” I asked.

And Capulet and Montague and Where fore art thou, he said. In fact, Juliet’s balcony is there.

Oh, my, I said. And we both knew it was a done deal that on the road between Venice and Como, we would visit Verona.

the ancient roman amphitheater in Verona

there's just something about a piazza

pretty windows (my latest obsession)

people people everywhere

at long last we find it—Juliet's balcony

juliet in bronze in the courtyard

a souvenir for every tourist

the verona feather find

It was easy to imagine this beautiful Italian village as Shakespeare did: quaint, colorful, romantic. But I did not feel the spirit of the Bard there anymore—replaced by trinket sellers and trampled by thousands of visitors. And so we bid the city adieu and traveled on.


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