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The Post That Is Really A Photograph

Jan 29, 2019 | god & grace | 6 comments

We have a nearly perfect east to west view at the top of our beloved mountain. Which means as the light moves–which it does every minute, of course–we can actually watch the world around us change.

It makes for some pretty spectacular photo ops. But I have to say I’ve never seen anything quite like the one that presented itself to us at sunset one afternoon our last visit there.

I was busy, busy, my attention elsewhere, just working away when I happened to look up and out.

And there it was: the most astounding alignment of earth / valley / mountain / sun / sky. A breathtaking landscape that offered a perspective I’d neither seen nor considered.

It’s something that comes along once a year, is what I’d guess, and lasts less than a minute.

How lucky we were to experience it. How open my heart feels just remembering through the images!


ps: May I also mention it was about 7 degrees when I ran out with the camera but with no coat or hat or gloves? Which makes the fact the scene was rare and fleeting a double blessing 🙂


  1. Rosie Locke

    A canopy. A bright canopy. So glad you thought to look and see. They are the words we learned early from Dick and Jane. And I can’t help but think maybe a Mama Bear is somewhere out there with newborn cubs. For you to see later.

    • Cathy

      Thank you, Rosie!

  2. Leslie

    Caption – Fire & Ice!

    • Cathy

      good one!

  3. Cathy

    Gorgeous – and a great reminder to stop every once in a while and take in the beauty that is around us.

    I was in Charleston last week and decided that on this walk I was going to focus on looking for beautiful things on the ground. I’m normally looking at building facades, brickwork, trees. But no, this time I was that crazy person photographing manhole covers. So many building grates reflect the craftsmanship of the past and even manhole covers have some really cool patterns. None of them compare to this view, but thanks to your post, today I’m going to soak in the landscape! Off to view the sunrise!

    • Cathy

      I love the idea of remembering to look down–particularly in situations that draw your eyes up. There is so much to see everywhere, right? Thanks for reading, Cathy, and sharing your beautiful perspective!

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