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A Mother’s Love

Jun 23, 2015 | birds & bears | 3 comments


There is a tiny bit of remarkable news to share: I believe at least one of the miracle bluebird eggs has hatched!

Early yesterday evening I spotted the Papa at the birdhouse door, an unusual occurrence as it is the Mama who spends countless hours in the sweltering sauna of that nest, sitting on those eggs. Sure enough he had in his beak a tiny little spider–just the right size for a newborn baby.




So there’s at least one hatchling, maybe more!

I don’t know how she’s done it, it’s been so hot. SO HOT.


at the Columbia airport

at the Columbia airport , via weather underground


I fashioned some sun shields and an umbrella, but even so–it must be sweltering in that box. And unlike what you see on the airport report above, we’ve had exactly NO rain here in Lexington (15 mies away) in the past two weeks.

She is my shero, that bluebird, a dedicated Mama who has done all she can to bring her little eggs to life. How I hope they survive!


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  1. Cindy Enfinger

    I’m pretty sure the Boyz of Providence can fashion a little a/c unit for the condo!
    What an example of unconditional maternal love.

  2. Vicki Ringer

    I am so impressed by your sun shields and umbrella and tickled, too! Surely you’ll get the ASPCA hero award! Do those blue birds know how lucky they are to have found your bird condo?

  3. carey

    I’m expecting a looooonnnnggg cord wf an oscillating fan next to the blue bird box in your next Daily Grace! So excited that the little one’s maybe hatching, probably ready to fledge into the cooler shade trees….xo c

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