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heat, heat baby

Jun 19, 2015 | birds & bears | 8 comments

The heat has been unmerciful this week in the midlands of South Carolina–no rain, 100+ degrees, and according to the long-range forecast, it doesn’t look to let up any time soon.

But heavens it’s the humidity that wears you out. It’s so thick out there you can hardly breathe–and I mean that quite literally.

It’s felt more oppressive to me than ever before for two reasons.

One   We had the shock of walking right into it when we exited the Columbia airport, home from a glorious week in humidity-free Colorado. (I shall tell you more about that later.) I don’t think it often, but I have to say there was more than a moment or two in which my husband and I wiped our sweaty brows considering And why do we live here????



the view of snowy Pike’s Peak (and Garden of the Gods) from our hotel. now this is civilized.


Two      I came home to find my little Mama has a nest with three beautiful eggs in the bird box we moved away from the brick snake pillar under the house.


it's a miracle

it’s a miracle


Problem is–it’s right out there, getting baked by the afternoon sun. Right away I fashioned some extra shade to help lower the temp.

She was doing her best to brave the elements.


do you see her in there panting???

a little homemade shade


How I love her.

(May I just mention this as a side note: I CANNOT GET AWAY FROM THE SNAKES.)


yup, it's a snake skin in our walkout porch

yup, it’s a snake skin in our walkout porch


garden of the gods park in colorado springs

garden of the gods park in colorado springs


I fretted all night about the heat and mama and the eggs. So today I tried something new.


i am the crazy bird lady

i am the crazy bird lady

I hope it helps. 





  1. Jean McElroy

    I love you Cathy Ellis!!

  2. rosie

    I agree with all three of my good friends above. We LOVE YOU!

  3. Fran

    A good parasol is a necessity for southern women! And what s southern bird-woman you are!!!

    • Cathy

      Too funny. Thanks, Fran!

  4. Alice Wyatt

    Loved it bird lady. I’m in Minneapolis enjoying cool and dry weather. Going home will be hard.

    • Cathy

      Enjoy Minneapolis. I know it has been this hot before–but I don’t remember when!

  5. Cindy Enfinger

    you are crazy bird lady and we love you for it!

    • Cathy

      i am starting to worry about myself. so thank you, sweet friend!

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