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Mar 6, 2013 | god & grace

The month of February was a difficult one, but it was also filled with such a wash of blessings I am still overflowing.

This was one of the first: a sweet bouquet of pink tulips delivered by my daughter, sent to me from the extraordinary group of friends who now surround her at Clemson. It was a move she made not so long ago, this shifting of Eliza’s world from home to university, and one that brought me (unexpectedly) to my knees as I fretted over the immense change taking place in both our lives. As we hugged goodbye on the sidewalk in front of that freshman dorm 18 months ago, I looked her in the eyes and promised hard You are going to be so happy here.

And here she is now, 18 months later, fully ensconced in college life. Central to her joy is this group of smart, funny, beautiful girls who bring sparkle and love and loyalty to her world.

They are also extremely thoughtful, these daughters of mothers who have taught them well.

I grateful I am. How pleased my own Mother would be.



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