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there, in the woods

Mar 4, 2013 | nature & awe

We’ve been doing a good bit of walking here recently, my sweet husband and I. Let me be clear on this: I do not see any reason ever to walk without a camera strapped to my body. I mean really. What would be the point?

My husband does not share this POV. He prefers to walk for health and fitness (and, let’s be honest, a good look at what is currently going on in our neighborhood).

Nevertheless, he indulges me and my camera, patiently waiting as I frame up tree bark, mushrooms, weeds along the roadside. I love him for that.

And so for this particular outing, which came on the heels of rather significant back surgery for him, I did not grab my camera. Rather, I boldly made my way out the door empty-handed, intent to walk for his rehab rather than my amusement.

Within moments I heard the familiar TAPTAPTAPTAP of a woodpecker just off in the woods. I veered off into the brush, merely for an inquisitory look. There he was. Glorious against those muted winter colors.

Tim nodded.

I ran for the camera.

I am so glad I did.

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