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Mar 5, 2012 | Moments of Grace | 3 comments

It was a pretty simple one, as emails go. But reading it 12 days later still brings a tear to my eye.

To my friend Rigg
Love you…heard you had a bad day…
Coming by to see you

And shortly there at the door she was. With chicken salad and pasta salad and bread, and the prettiest tulips, and a tender moment carved out of her busy life to spend with this friend in need.

It was just one of so many kindnesses I experienced as I recovered from a bad fall that left me bruised and stitched:

  • Teresa and Tom, who wrapped me up, kept me calm, and rushed me to the doctor;
  • Teresa (again) and Jay, who rushed me back to the doctor that afternoon;
  • Kevin, who picked up my workload;
  • Tom, who made it possible for me to attend an important meeting virtually;
  • Leslie, who spent the night, fixed dinner, washed the dishes, fed the pets, made the coffee;
  • Dr. Bruce, who put my worried mind at ease;
  • Debbie and Maria, who delivered an unexpected (and yummy) dinner just at the perfect moment;
  • Teresa (again) and Colleen. who toted my endless bags and caused me to giggle along every sidewalk in Manhattan and Soho;
  • Pam, who checked in on the hour;
  • the Edisto girls, who surrounded me with love;
  • Donna, who was always there in the background;
  • my sweet Eliza, who worried and really would have come home;
  • And my prince charming, Tim, who came home early, and who still won’t let me lift a finger.

It has been a powerful reminder to me that the most beautiful colors and textures in my life are my friends—thoughtful, supportive, generous, true.

It has been a powerful reminder to me to take the time to be that kind of friend.

the perfect get well wish from Jay Coles, shot on the beach at Edisto Island


  1. julie Marr

    C – sending you a huge typewritten hug after the fact! I’m so sorry about the fall and thankful that you were wrapped in tenderness afterward. You are loved!!!

  2. Leslie

    Thanks for the shout-out, but truth be told, Flight Deck should get credit for the “fixin’ dinner” part 🙂

    • Cathy

      And it was yummy 🙂


  1. 7. Then she said … - TheDailyGrace - [...] Upon reading about my recent fall, the wonderful Julie Marr commented: C – sending you a huge typewritten hug…
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