The Daily Grace
The Daily Grace

Day 1: For A Song

Mar 3, 2014 | nature & awe

I stopped for a quick glance out the door and there s/he was, my sweet guardian mockingbird, perched on a branch of the crape myrtle just at the curve of the front path. The sight was so pretty I grabbed the camera and made my way (gingerly) out the front door, hoping against hope to capture a photograph before spooking the little creature. All the while that bird sat right there, looking at me as if s/he had been waiting for me a long, long time.

Hey there, friend I said. Haven’t seen you in a while.

And that mockingbird commenced to singing like nobody’s business.


I click click clicked. Then I made my way around to the bird’s left side for an even better view.


A pretty pose and that was that—a happy, happy moment brought right to my front door, thanks to my guardian mockingbird.


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