The Daily Grace
The Daily Grace

Day 23: Two blessings and a miracle

Oct 24, 2011 | Moments of Grace

You might be surprised to learn that two prayers I repeat, rather regularly, are these:

I am thankful to have my very own washer and dryer, right here in my own house.

I am very thankful to have hot and cold running water, right here in my own house.

So I feel a little guilty about the incessant complaining I’ve done for the last several months over losing water pressure in our shower. My husband and I built a house in 2008, and one of the things written on my “if I ever build a house I need to remember this…” list was “MAKE SURE THE WATER PRESSURE IN THE SHOWER IS EXTRA STRONG.”

I am not a great waker-upper in the morning. I have a hard time getting going, particularly when the alarm goes off and the world outside is still dark. (Seriously. Don’t you think if God meant for us to be up and productive that early He’d have the sun up by then?)  I also happen to be very serious about my dreams, so when real life interrupts them, it takes me a while to adjust. I need that burst of energy from the shower to get me going, to nudge me forward and into the day.

For a while there, we had the greatest shower known to man in our new house. I seriously rejoiced every day. Then out of nowhere, THUG, and the glorious water pressure disappeared. JUST LIKE THAT. A split second THUG, and now there is barely a dribble.

My sweet husband tried everything. He had our original plumber back to check it out, twice. Then he worked on it himself. Then he called someone sanctioned by water heater manufacturer, who said it was a city problem. Then the folks from the city water department came. Then our plumber, twice more.

Finally on Friday, a “does ANYONE know a good plumber? plumber” came to check things out. He didn’t guarantee remarkable results with my shower problem, but he did install a missing pressure regulator valve on our overall water system.

Halleluja, I sang this morning, resounding through the house. We think the shower pressure may finally be fixed. So tonight when I send my HappyRambles email, it will say:

Today I am grateful for:

my very own washer and dryer

hot and cold running water

water pressure in my shower (and the plumber who restored it)

I am one happy girl.

If you haven’t checked out HappyRambles, you should. It’s a lovely, and easy, way to keep a gratitude journal.

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