Lisa Roberson is my oldest friend. And I mean that in the most literal sense. Not only were our parents dear friends, she and I were born in the same hospital (in Wise, Virginia) three days apart. We lay there beside each other in that nursery in 1959 and I swear,...

21. Sunshine

My weekend was illuminated by one of God’s brightest lights, Lynne Huff Grout. In a lovely and unassuming way, sweet Lynne reminds me of the greatest lesson of all: There is only love.  30 Days of Grace II

to love

Have you seen Black Swan? Dis-Tur-Bing. And so I was more than a little surprised last year when I woke up the morning after watching the film to see a white duck floating on the pond behind our house. That orange-billed creature was particularly conspicuous because...

Day 29: Birthdays, boots and love

Today is my birthday. I woke up giddy because I knew the day ahead held this great promise: I can wear my new cowboy boots to church. An unusual thrill, I know, for a woman who is now fully into … ahem… middle age. But then I’m quite sure you’d feel the...

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