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I WILL KEEP THIS shorter than usual, as it's CreateAthon week and thus a particularly busy time. As I write this it's Wednesday afternoon and the halls of the WECO building are abuzz with Riggs Partners' folks finishing up client projects and getting their proverbial ducks in a row for the annual 24-hour marathon during which we develop marketing plans and materials, pro bono, for a number of very deserving South Carolina nonprofits.
last year's CreateAthon crew
This year marks our 26th CreateAthon, and every single time we are amazed at the work we produce during such a short period, the miracles that happen, the friendships that are formed. It's humbling to rub elbows with people and organizations that do so much to address the significant needs that exist in our community. We get so much more than we give, that's the truth.
(If you're interested in following along, find us @riggspartners on Facebook and Instagram. You can also follow me @cathyriggwriter although it's such a busy couple of days I never post as much as I intend to!)
IN OTHER NEWS. I've been painting and posting along and along via #the100dayproject, and I already have a nice little stack of watercolors! Some of these I've made available via Studio CRM on Etsy, should that be of any interest to you! I'll add to this shop lineup bit by bit in the days to come, so if you see something you like roll by on Facebook or Instagram, check Etsy (or message me)!
DAY 2, take me to this listing on Etsy
DAY 1, take me to this listing on Etsy!
DAY 4, take me to this listing on Etsy!
DAY 8, take me to this listing on Etsy!
I'm so happy you're here. I'm so happy it's March. I'm so happy time changes this weekend! We can make it to Spring. WE CAN. 🌷 🐝 🌱
Kelly Clarkson, Smartless
I'm a big Kelly Clarkson fan, and I've recently started recording her talk show and giving it a watch whenever I have the time. Kelly opens each show with a song, and that's my very most favorite part. But she also has great guests, and an incredibly positive vibe, and I always just feel better after watching an episode. Needless to say I was very interested to listen to this podcast episode featuring Kelly with my beloved Smartless boys. It did not disappoint.
The Comfort of Crows, by Margaret Renkl
I'm making my way slowly and luxuriously through this beautiful collection of essays, organized via season. In this week's offering, which happens to be of the crows, Renkl writes: But in winter, crows become my favorites again. They are perfectly designed for this season, black against a gray sky, a three-dimensional silhouette. // Sometimes the neighborhood crows sit in the branches and call out, one to another, a talk that continues even as they fly toward their roost in the last light of these short days. // It's a gift to watch them living their intricate lives so visibly while the trees are bare. My cousin, Meg, gifted me this book in October, and I love thinking of her as I read it.
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Photo: NY Times Cooking
Lemony Shrimp and Bean Stew, from NY Times Cooking
This recipe is so good I AM NOT KIDDING I bought a NY times digital subscription just because of it! I hope you can access—I tried to set it up in this newsletter as a gift link.
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My Top Ten Reads of 2023 (+1)

Last year was a great reading year for me. So great I couldn't limit my list to 10, but that's okay since one of these I have named The Best Book I've Ever Read and that puts it in its own category!
That day the Robins came and then the Cedar Waxwings arrived and joined right in!
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