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Happy Friday! I'm headed next week to Montreat Music and Worship, or "choir camp" as I Iike to call it. What a grand gift it is to spend time in that holy place (which, by the way, Ruth and Billy Graham considered home). And oh that stone auditorium with its open windows and the gorgeous voices layering one on another on another in song. My soul will be filled to the brim! I do hope your week will bring you joyful waves of people and experiences that lift you high! Happy June! XXOO, Cathy
of this new crop of Bickley's Pond baby blues!
Click on the image for a precious video :)

The podcast On Being in general, and this episode, in particular. In DAILY THINGS TO FALL IN LOVE WITH Krista talks to Artist/Illustrator Maira Kalman. You'll want to take notes.

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Dani Shapiro's Inheritance. I highly recommend the audiobook (as Shapiro reads it) and I was engrossed. "A memoir about the staggering family secret uncovered by a genealogy test: an exploration of the urgent ethical questions surrounding fertility treatments and DNA testing, and a profound inquiry of paternity, identity, and love." This is a good one.
My favorite food blogger is Kate Taylor, of Cookie + Kate. Everything of hers I make is so good, and this QUINOA BROCCOLI SALAD WITH HONEY MUSTARD DRESSING is an obsession.
I know you have seen every episode because I was late to this party but OMG Tim and I whipped straight through SCHITT'S CREEK and are now rewatching episodes just when we need a lift. SCHITT'S CREEK is ALL THAT and ALL THERE IS. All there is.

(And, by the way, I love creator/star Dan Levy's commentary on his decision not to give a voice to homophobia. No wonder we love it so.)
TV Guide's Schitt's Creek Captures The Joy of Being Seen

You asked what I might fall in love with after our conversation was over. I took off my headphones and walked out of the room and saw these green chairs, which I immediately fell in love with, photographed, and will certainly paint sometime soon. The eternal pleasure of chance encounters.

-- artist Maira Kalman, to Krista Tippett in above mentioned podcast

(Photo of said green chairs here.)

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Happy weekend, y'all.

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