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Hey there, friend,

In November 2020, the world was in sore need of some joy. I made a little suggestion as to a way to find some in a post titled Let's begin every day like this, and three years later, I still guarantee the methodology.

Let's begin every day like this.

In that 2020 post, I also mentioned I was developing a The Daily Grace Christmas playlist on Spotify. This link right here will take you to TDG Holiday Tunes, which as of this writing comprises more than 31 hours of wonderful, eclectic, and personally selected songs. My practice each time I listen is to begin with song #1, for the reasons noted in the post above, then I hit the shuffle button. (Make sure you don't see a +sign on the shuffle—that indicates you want Spotify to add its own random uncurated songs which you most certainly do not.) If you're not a Spotify listener, you can establish an account for free.

I hope you listen, and I hope it brings you joy!
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