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I love Advent. The call to quiet. The watching, the waiting. The anticipation. And yet this year, the days leading to the holy season have been particularly hectic, and instead of entering calmly, reverently, I have come to Advent more like a baseball player sliding feet-first into home.

Have I made it in time? Am I too late? Have I been tagged out?

I woke up this morning thinking of this, seriously I did, and it came to me then, like a perfect next breath—what a wonderful way, really, to be reminded of grace. To experience grace anew. Because every one of us is welcomed with open arms, however and whenever and in whatever shape we come. What's more, we're not only welcomed, I believe, we're celebrated. In my heart, I feel the heavenlies rejoice.
light rising over north carolina's black mountains
I'm a girl, also, who loves a project, and most years I walk through Advent with the aid of a guide. My intent is to deepen my experience of the season, and if you like that idea (and like me, are sliding into home), here are a few I recommend.
Tish Oxenrider's Shadow & Light
A beautiful book and a gorgeous way to journey through Advent. Each day includes scripture, a reflection, a question, and a simple activity to engage the senses, such as lighting candles, listening to music, and viewing artwork both old and new. Find at your local indie bookstore or for the quick delivery most of us "sliders" need, there's always Amazon.
Emily P. Freeman's The Quiet Collection
A collection of Advent meditations that are read to you by Emily. This is the first year I've subscribed, and I so look forward to listening to her beautiful, calming voice—I know it will help me tone down the noise.
Hannah Brencher's Advent Email Series
This link will take you to Hannah's Archives page, where you can start on Day 1, which Hannah began on December 1st. You can catch up or join in JUST WHERE YOU ARE. You can also sign up on this page to get the emails each day, which is what I prefer. I love Hannah's perspective, and in each offering I see something anew.
Looking for Light with The Daily Grace
A project originally begun by Pastor Winn Collier, I've carried on the tradition each year. You simply look for light each day (which you will find in such unexpected places!) and if you are so inclined, snap a photo, and if you are further inclined, share it on Instagram. If you use the hashtag #lookingforlightTDG we'll be able to find each other! Or simply follow my journey @cathyriggwriter on Instagram and Facebook. Doing this is one of my great joys of the year. (You can find more about the project in the post The Light Of Advent on The Daily Grace last year.)
However you choose to move through this beautiful, hopeful, and reverent season, I pray for you love and light. Until next time—
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