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Doing Summer Really Well, by @juliesturner
Happy Holiday Weekend Saturday! Is there anything better? We've been in South Carolina a few days and I have to tell you getting in the car and it a brisk mountain 68 degrees then getting out of the car and it a HOT HOT HOT flatland 98 degrees was a rude awakening. Still we've loved being home, especially the downtime with our dear friends on the fourth. The swim party was rain-soaked but the resulting "let's cluster on this porch and catch up" was perfection. And now my sweet Eliza is home for the day! She and I have a morning coffee date in the den, so I must run! Wishing you loads of all you love, this weekend and always! XXOO, Cathy
One of the most powerful things I've ever read. Lay it down. Offer it up. WHAT ARE YOU CARRYING? by Jill Sockman of Blue Lotus Yoga in Raleigh
Forgotten Southern Recipes, from Garden and Gun
Even includes a snazzy jazzy update of my very fave, Soup Beans, except I still say they should be made from Cranberry Beans, not Pintos.

The Perfect White T-Shirt
From Aerie. I am a little obsessed, and after a week of revisiting the link, I am ordering.
The Lazy Genius Makes a Salad. Worth the listen, I promise.
The best books to read at any age, 1-100. At least according to The Washington Post.

How do you deceive yourself? By thinking you are not perfect.

Perfection is the starting point of the soul.

-- I don't remember who said this.
I was cleaning out and found it written on the back of a page in an old notebook :)

This week on the blog: Remembering Sully, and Smiling and its accompanying viral video

From 2015: I Love Camp. (To this day I remember the sweet letter a camper wrote to Eliza. What a powerful first line. )

You are important to me.

And I thank you for being here. Happy July!

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