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Hey there, friend,

Please pardon this interruption of our very important #WestwardHo RV Trip but I have exciting news. My short story, Stone Cold, has been awarded third place in Charlotte Lit's Lit/South competition!
Adding to the excitement, Lit/South's fiction judge this year, Bryn Chancellor—a writer I greatly admire—had nice things to say about my work. :) I devoured her novel Sycamore and highly recommend it. It's a story with a mystery that takes place in a small town here in the Southwest, in Arizona, so there is sweet serendipity for me in that.
All the winners in fiction, poetry and nonfiction, along with contributions by the judges, are published in this pretty Charlotte Lit literary journal, Litmosphere Issue 2. (What a thrill!)
It's available for order, or if you care to read my short story online (for free) you can go directly there with this link:
Thank you, thank you for indulging me. I am grateful for every person who reads The Daily Grace, and as we journey across Utah the next few days, you know there'll be an extra skip in my step!
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*photo by my talented friend, Julie Williams Dixon.
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