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Hey there, friend,

Here we are in stunning Sedona, where the earth's energy is not only palpable, it's documented. I was interested to read there are actual studies about why and how this location, with its geography and geology (and all such things), creates conditions perfect for energy vortexes.

You can feel it, I swear you can, something upon which my very pragmatic husband and I happen to agree.

Interestingly, at our particular spot, there's also a significant lack of internet that is resulting, currently, in my inability to get a "write a new post on The Daily Grace" page to load. I suspect it's a matter of 100 RVs docked here in a canyon below the town of Sedona, perfectly placed along Oak Creek, with folks in nearly all of them grabbing for their little bit of early-morning internet heaven. Nevertheless I'm going with the theory this lack of digital connection has more to do with the earth, and her interference, and her determination—mighty as we know it can always be—to get us humans to put down our devices and instead, to look around.
hiking the beautiful Munds Wagon Trail
Please notice Stella.
(I did not the first 30 times I looked at this photo.)
When I lag behind, typically needing to take another photograph or examine something a little more closely, she ALWAYS stops, looks back, then waits to be sure I am coming.
I mean. Nature, right?
Happy hikers.
I hope to provide a proper trip update post on The Daily Grace as soon as I get somewhere with enough internet juice to allow such. Until then, wherever you are, I hope this fine April day finds you hopeful, joyful, and that something comes along that stirs in you a sweet moment of awe and wonder.

Until next time!
Screen Shot 2021-10-17 at 7.00.58 AM
Stella wants me to let you know the children who stay in RV parks are typically quite loud, quite giggly, and thrilled about it all. They also are an endless source of fascination. Pictured here is part of a group that was preparing for a game of nighttime hide-and-seek, on bikes, wearing headlamps, with teams already defined. Boys against girls, you know.
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