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Hey there, friend,

From time to time I like to take a look through the archives of The Daily Grace, my writings offering a view to life through the years. Just today I clicked on July 2019, wondering if I could remember how life felt pre- (any thought of) COVID. I came upon a post titled HEY. LOOK., and within a nanosecond I was transported to the very morning I wrote it.

Today seems like a fine time for a revisit; a refresher, if you will, on paying attention. I do hope you'll click to the post and find encouragement that inspires you to look. And when you do? I'll bet you find something quite beautiful you haven't seen, something that when you get a glimpse will fill your eyes with wonder and your heart with gorgeous summer joy.

(I'd be wildly honored if you snapped a photo and sent it to me—I'm so curious! Or simply respond to this email with a description, that would be swell, too.)

Hey. Look.

A post from July 2019, on The Daily Grace.
Joy is all around, my friend. Wonder's here, too, and it's our privilege as humans of this earth to seek it, to find it, to share it.

Sending you love and light!
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