The Daily Grace
Hey there, friend,

I know. I KNOW. Minimal contact then here comes the second note from me this week! But I've just remembered tomorrow is the launch of The 100 Day Project and I want to be sure you're in the know in case you want to join the fun.
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What is The 100 Day Project? Simply decide to do something creative each day for 100 days and if you are so inclined, share your journey via social media. You'll be in great company with makers from around the globe, many of whom will make community with you via the #the100dayproject hashtag.

I'll be there! I'm centering my project on acknowledging moments of grace, and each day I'll do my best to represent a moment grace in some form, be it words, a photograph, a sketch, a watercolor. I'll be sharing via Instagram using the hashtags #the100dayproject and #100daysofdailygrace.

You can get some ideas for developing your own project below (there are lots of options via google) and just so you don't feel overwhelmed already—originators suggest a creative exercise that takes just 5-10 minutes. And there's no judgement! Want to begin Monday? Go you! Miss a day along the way? It makes no difference. Simply extend your 100 day project as long as you need.

I do hope you will join!
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PS: There is also an official 100 Days Project website you can visit by clicking here. Be sure to check out the FAQ (lots of good info!) and you can sign up for a newsletter. You have the option of supporting via a fee, but the $$ is not required.

PPS: If you do participate, please let me know so I can follow your journey!
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