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I DO LOVE the season of winter, the concept of wintering in general, the natural rhythm of slowing down, conserving energy, of hibernation. (Okay, maybe we've had to overdo the hibernation part in recent years but still.) Perhaps this is why I have been slow to post on The Daily Grace, more inclined to read (Ann Patchett's Essay Collection, THESE PRECIOUS DAYS, yes yes yes please), and quite holed up and very very focused on the final edits of my new first draft of my old first novel.

At any rate, I've missed you. So I thought it a fine time to highlight a thing I wrote in February of 2019 and to bring to your attention 10 Good Reasons to Love Winter at least according to Cathy. (Jeannie did add a lovely #11 in the comments, so let's be sure we count the beauty of bare trees, particularly when revered with hands wrapped around a warm cup of coffee.

I do love this quiet season. Here's to enjoying its many gifts before spring breaks forth in bloom.

Ten (of a Thousand) Reasons I Love Winter

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