The Daily Grace
Hey there friend,

Way back in 2011, the writer and pastor Winn Collier offered an invitation to join him in looking for Light during Advent. I loved the idea, and I accepted the challenge, and the practice so richly deepened my experience of the holy season I have continued it every year.

Winn wrote:

In Advent, we watch for Light. We pay attention to rhythm and sound and cadence. Our hearts look for signals. Our hearts lean forward. Light is coming.

I invite you to join me, should your spirit feel the nudge. Watch for light each day, November 28 through Christmas Day, then snap a photo and if you are so inclined, post it to social media. We'll use the tag #lookingforlightTDG so we can find each other. (If you miss a day here or there, no problem. It's not a contest.) Or if you'd prefer to just follow along, I'll be there via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Wishing you every beautiful blessing of the season.
Screen Shot 2021-10-17 at 7.00.58 AM
PS: For inspiration, if you're curious to see some previous Looking for Light images, you'll find a gallery here. But please know there is no right way or wrong way to do this. I guarantee your heart will lead you to the light if you look, and your spirit will lift and rejoice in the promise.
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