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Scott, Tim, and Eddie

All Hail & Glory to the (S)he Shed!

Well this is happening in our new back yard, the building of a grand dual She Shed / He Shed that has already become the centerpiece of our new downtown world. You may remember the wonderful downstairs studio at our Bickley's Pond house--a place for writing, painting, thinking, dreaming; the place that gave my maker's soul room to breathe. (The place that let me effortlessly commune with the birds and ducks and bunnies around that pretty pond.) // Whelp, we had hardly considered buying this new house when Tim pronounced his intention to build a studio for me here, one that would miraculously tuck right into the backyard space among the trees and that he would situate so my windows looked out on the magical circle of Camellias and among the many bluebirds (and others) that he promised would come and live and play with me here. He'd design the shed, he said, and he'd also build it mostly with his own hands.

And it is happening! Thanks to Tim, and also thanks to the constant labor and steady hands and heart of our dear friend, Scott (to whom I am sure I owe a kidney or something) and under the watchful eye of our expert electrician, Eddie. Also I should mention the "shed" has grown a bit to include a dual He side to house a workspace for Tim and a home for some of the stuff we previously kept in the garage and attic.

I will keep you updated on the progress as these boys are hard at work and things are changing fast. Plus I have been promised I will be of help in later stages--something I look forward to, as Construction has heretofore not been part of my CV.


I've seen the new Little Women film twice now, and I'd see it a third time if you haven't been yet and want some company! Between viewings I read this LA Times article about the visions of costume designer Jacqueline Durran, and then this Elements of Style post: Modern Day March Sister Wardrobes. Both are such fun reads, and it was fascinating to see the film again having read them. Plus I will admit to having a bit of an obsession with the velvet military jacket Jo throws on when she returns to the attic to feverishly write in the movie's latter scenes.
Wellness, and Amy Schumer, and Oprah in Charlotte. Why, oh why, did I never get tickets? Because this Soul Series release of their conversation is just everything to me. (The conversation is also available here via the Soul Series Podcast.) Take a listen, laugh out loud, and get a big reminder (as I did) what it actually means to be real.
As Per The Shed Project. We've been watching Building Off the Grid, a Discovery series (via Hulu) that profiles the folks who decide to go to the wilderness and build some sort of living structure in the midst of complicating circumstances, be it weather, landscape, complete lack of construction knowledge, or some set of self-imposed restrictions. These people are often a tad bit crazy (and the remote locations are so appealing) it is safe to say: We are hooked.
This is the coolest. How One Photographer Captures the Glory of Birds in Flight
A Southern Small-Town Comeback, from Garden and Gun
Screen Shot 2020-01-25 at 12.53.11 PM
The Dutch House, by Ann Patchett
While Commonwealth admittedly was not my favorite, this new Ann Patchett is as good as promised and is already on my Best list for 2020, no matter what else comes along this year.
Miss Freddy's Backup Bootcamp
In the last Grace Notes I mentioned my intention to get a handle on my out of control digital photo library mess. So I purchased BACKUP BOOTCAMP from certified Photo Organizer Miss Freddie and have been steady at it this last week. I really love her methodology, and I am already sleeping better at night knowing I will end up with a complete, organized library here and a complete, organized library backed up in the cloud. (Not iCloud, though, as she is not a fan.) Highly recommend.
Denim Seamed and Structured Military Jacket from Free People
While it's not the one Jo wore (see above), it's the closest I can find until the knockoffs undoubtedly come out. Keeping my eye on this for a giant sale.
The Spotify Playlist 70s and 80s Acoustic

What Worked for Me in 2020

I finally worked myself around to working through podcaster Laura Tremaine's 10 Questions for the End of the Year. And I learned a few things that surprised me.
January 2016: God of Grace
January 2015: On Dreams. On Courage.
The mirage of January gifts the new
year February.

How can one year begin without
habitudes of space in between?

Tess Guinery, The Moonflower Monologues
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