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Every few years I make a commitment to doing something for 30 days, then chronicling it on The Daily Grace. I've done 30 Days of Grace, 30 Days of Fun, 30 Days of Joy. It comes to my heart as a little nudge that my life needs focus or a bit of consistent, intentional gratitude. And it works. It always works.

This holiday season I've felt the pull (push?). And yet here we are--December 21--and I'm yet to make the time. So this morning I spent a minute looking back at my last JOY series, from late 2017/early 2018. The exercise made made me smile, and so I thought I might share the links here, with you.

I do hope you find something in this series that lifts your heart, that reminds you tiny little moments can hold a tremendous amount of love. And I pray wherever you are, whatever you have planned or whatever comes your way during these next crescendo days of a busy holiday season, I hope it brings you great, great joy.

Love, love, love,

30 Days of Joy (2017)

Day 1: Gathering
Day 2: Real.
Day 3: Putting Up the Dern Tree
Day 4: hello, december
Day 5: Quiet Places (and great winter reads)
Day 6: Advent
Day 7: Cheers!
Day 8: Just Exactly Perfect
Day 10: Ye Olde Towne
Day 11: The Bell Still Rings
Day 12: For Those Who Still Believe
Day 13: Bringing Christmas
Day 14: Top-Secret Secrets for Making the World's Best Party Mix
Day 15: Mothers and Daughters
Day 16: Come Snuggle
Day 17: It's Wednesday. How 'bout some tunes?
Day 18: Feathers, and Transformation
Day 19: The Cranberries I Will Never Not Make for Christmas
Day 20: Merriment and Awe
Day 21: The Time After
Day 22: Big Little Things
Day 23: Love, everlasting
Day 24: Hope Against Hope: A Post for Clemson Fans and Non-Clemson Fans Alike
Day 25: The Most Civilized Month of the Year
Day 26: For Love of The Crown
Day 27: Seeing Red
Day 28: The Nest
Day 29: Spring. It's Coming.
Day 30: And I Can't Think of a Better One

Have a holly, jolly Christmas!

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