number 19

in advent

He has been nudging me for two days, I see this now, with gentle reminders.


For instance, last night I was in the studio a bit late and walked back to the house alone. (I would never do this were it not winter, was there not snow, because of, well…you know, bears.)

And there was the light, the one light, in the dark, to guide me.

Then this morning we awoke to fog. And this.

And by the time coffee was in our hands, we looked out to see this.

It was as brilliant as it appears, breathtaking really, the impossible coating of snow, the morning, the light.

We stood in awe and as I looked, the remembering washed over me.

The Light. The time has come to watch for light, in anticipation.

In preparation.


IT IS A PRACTICE that has brought quiet and focus to this soft time for me for years, a practice I had not even thought about until that very moment, this third day of Advent. A practice offered by the beautiful writer and pastor, Winn Collier, who wrote all those years ago:

In Advent we watch for light. We pay attention to sound and rhythm and cadence. Our hearts look for signals. Our hearts lean forward. Light is coming.

Light is coming. And so I will watch, and I invite you to join me.

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Light is coming, and my prayer during this holy season is that whatever darkness you feel, whatever hope your soul longs for, I pray your heart will lean forward and the promise will reveal itself to you in surprising and beautiful ways.

Light is coming.

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