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It's the trip of a lifetime, our upcoming trek to the Canadian Rockies, where we'll fish the Elk River, wander through Fernie, soak up the raw beauty of one of the most spectacular places on earth. Then we'll spend time at Lake Louise, and then Banff, and points in between all of which rank in the world's most gorgeous. We'll be with our dear, dear friends (they also happen to be the two people who introduced us back in 2000) which will make every moment all the sweeter. Over the moon excited, yes I am.

(There is the matter of a pesky little Hurricane that is barreling down on the southern coast and giving us all plenty to fret over AS WELL AS giving us a worry or two over when and if we'll be able to fly out of here. Not to mention what will happen while we're gone.)

The days we are traveling I won't be posting on The Daily Grace and we'll skip next week's Grace Notes newsletter. But I suspect I will be sharing photos of our trip over on Instagram, so do follow along if you are so inclined: Daily Grace on Instagram, a moment of beauty and grace (more or less) daily; and also my personal feed. I'd love to meet you either place. Or both! XXOO
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Prepping. Or else auditioning for an Orvis ad, who's to say which.
I am so doing this. A creative habit from Twyla Tharp that is going to change everything. Thanks, Austin Kleon.
The last book I bought.
The last book I got from the library.
The last book I listened to on audio.
What I'm reading next; what I'm listening to now.
Is this the perfect fall sweater, or what?
I can't have this overnight bag because, well, expensive and impractical. But that doesn't mean I can't relish it. In fact, for years I've kept a Beautiful Things journal into which I paste photos of things I admire just for the joy of admiring. (And why did it not occur to me to create Pinterest? Anyone?)
My work girlfriends came to the mountains for the weekend and, well, there might have been a little bit of hiking and a whole lot of laughing. And a bear sighting or two. Which, by the way, we have decided Hoover (last newsletter) is actually a girl.
And she loves us.
Might have been a little Clemson football fun this week, as well.
thanks to @tscoles for the use of her photo
We four met on this campus all those years ago and to this day are the best of friends.
Isn't life just amazing?
~ speaking of football season ~

One snack at a time.

--My insanely active and very productive husband, Tim, when I asked how on earth he is able to sit in front of the TV for hours and hours and hours watching football
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