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WE ARE ON THE NEXT LEG of our most amazing summer of travel, in Northern Virginia, where we're spending a long weekend with dear, dear friends. This morning we hiked Great Falls Park where we covered mile after mile and caught up on months and months of life.

Tim and David catch up
It is a grand thing to soak, for a minute, in all that matters most to you; to spend time with someone who knows you all the way through and to recognize through all the telling the things that matter most.

What a grand gift it is to have trusted, lifelong friends. XXOO
FOR MAMAS AND DADDIES TAKING A CHILD TO COLLEGE. Every August I experience the worry and pain even though years have passed since I went through this with my own. What I know for sure is there is more to consider than their transition to this new, open, exciting time of life. There is YOUR OWN. This is advice I wish someone had given me at that time--even if I had too much parental heartache to hear it. SENDING YOU LOVE.
People Who Look Like the Paintings They're Looking at a Photo Project (so delightful)
Suzann is hands down the most gracious hostess ever. There are gorgeous white roses on the dresser in our guest room; a new bottle of Neutrogena face wash is on the bathroom counter; this luscious Molton Brown body wash is in the shower. May I just say: I am in love.
This Black Bean and Bell Pepper Salad (Bon Appetit 1996). Suzann is also the best cook I know. She served this salad (with apple butter + other stuff paninis, yay!) and OMG it is so good. There are a thousand Black Bean summer salads out there, but this one has dates, cumin, coriander. (I never cook with dates, do you?) TRY THIS ONE. You will not be disappointed.
Save Me the Plums is the fascinating story of a food writer who became the top person at Gourmet magazine, bringing it into its heyday. This memoir has received a lot of buzz which I found to be well-deserved.

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August 2017: Totality (about the Total Solar Eclipse in 2017)
This is also Maine.

My only prayer is this: I NEED YOU.

Love's only response is ever this: I'm right here.

-- Elizabeth Gilbert, on Instagram

Happy August, y'all.

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