The Daily Grace
JUST A QUICK NOTE to let you know my new website,, is live! I hope you'll check it out, find inspiration in the expanded content, and that you'll be part of the movement as we keep an eye toward the joy that comes from embracing our innate creativity.
I hope you'll also join me for fun and inspiration via social media. The icons below will take you to my channels, some of which have changed. (On Facebook, for instance, I will be active on my updated personal profile @cathyriggwriter rather than @thedailygraceblog, which will fade away.) In addition to the occasional video of the beautiful black bear, Buddy, I'll be focusing on writing and making—so whether, for you, this is words, music, photographs, plants, paint, wood, paper, wool, iron, fabric, salt/sugar/butter (the options are literally endless), as long as you are creating, I believe the universe is rejoicing.
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Since 2011, Wordpress tells me I've written and published 937 posts on The Daily Grace blog. I don't know how this can possibly be, but I do know every one of them has done its work in reminding me to keep my eyes and heart open to the gifts of grace that are around me every day. I will continue that practice on the new site under The Daily Grace banner (which you can find under the navigation BLOG), and I pray you will find hope and encouragement there.
SO HERE WE GO, friend! Take a look around and let me know what you think. And if you like what you see, I'd be honored to have you share the site or a post or even this email with a friend or loved one you think might find the nudge toward living a creative life of interest. I promise you nothing means more to a writer and maker and blogger than a share, and I will do my best to honor your trust with content that brings beauty, encouragement and a little grace to our lives, particularly in the ordinary moments, that—of course—make up our days.

I'm happy you are here.

This is going to be fun!

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