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NICE THOUGHT, right? Even if it has not exactly been our summer. Still we can hang on to the sentiment as we make our way to September, archway to autumn, beginning of the gentlest season of the year.

For we've earned that, wouldn't you agree? We've borne the heat, worn the masks, endured the politics, and in most cases remained cheerful* in spite of circumstances that still feel insane.

We've earned a reward, in the very least, a little jolt of joy. So I'm filling this newsletter with starter thoughts, suggestions I hope will encourage and inspire you to give this little reward idea a try.

Then in three days (yippie!) we'll turn our calendars to September, which—if nothing else—has a very nice ring to it.

*done our dead level best
SPEAKING OF SEPTEMBER, I am delighted to announce the September 1 debut of my writer website, which will also serve as the new home of The Daily Grace blog. It'll be a space dedicated to writerly things, creative living, and grace in the everyday. I'll send a note with a link once the site is live. I do hope you will meet me there!

Until then, hang on through these last moments of August. We've almost made it, and the rewards of Autumn are coming!

a little preview of good things to come
The Durrells

The Durrells in Corfu, from Masterpiece, on Amazon Prime

Sweet, beautiful, poignant, smart—I love everything about this show from its remarkable art direction and costuming to the smart, sharp script. Based on a real English family and their experiences, widow Louisa Durrell moves with her four children to the Greek Island of Corfu, where they learn to adapt to a very different lifestyle and where they learn to love and appreciate each other. It made my heart so happy. Plus I think Margo, the young daughter, is one of the greatest characters ever.
Shelter at Home, my new playlist on Spotify!
Includes my new favorite song, Grace Has A Gun, by Katie Pruitt, which now that I think of it is probably not the best selection for this particular blog. Oh well, we'll go with it, because it is that good.
I've changed my reading habits this summer, layering in some lighter fare that requires less and is generally spirit-lifting. It's been a nice change of pace, and I encourage you to give yourself permission to find something that, for you, is pure entertainment.

For my sweet friend Pam, this is a return to Jane Austen. She wrote in the caption of her beautiful Instagram photo: Hers was a world of Regency architecture, furniture, and beautifully wallpapered rooms, and of impeccable, formal estates and gardens. Women, dressed in empire waist gowns, engaged in witty repartee with suitors (who I imagine all look like Colin Firth) with absolutely no mention of presidential politics, pandemics or how to solve the problems of either one.

(Also, Pam is an interior designer and her feed is filled with beauty and inspiration If you want to follow her here.)
Pam's Insta
I have never believed reading should be a chore. But it's nice to think reward and then to give yourself permission to read just what your mood calls for—no matter what the oh so carefully curated TBR stack suggests.
Right this minute our kitchen is filled with the irresistible smell of Caroline's Granola** just from the oven, which shortly will become the topping for Ina Garten's Raspberry Crumble Bars.

**So easy and so good. I don't have a link so email me if you want the recipe.
I've been watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt when on the treadmill. While I think it's pretty dang funny, I won't hold up the entire series for your consideration. But these episodes, which I swear you can watch in isolation, make me laugh SO HARD. So I will lift them up in the event you are inclined to pick and choose or if, perhaps, you watched the series and these bring you another giggle now.
E. 34: The one with Maya Rudolph as Dionne Warwick
E. 42: The one that's like a true crime documentary, with Jon Hamm as Richard Wayne Gary Wayne, AKA DJ Slizzard
E. XX. Any episode with Tina Fey.
(Also, any episode with Jon Hamm, really. Pure gold.)
And Titus Andromedon!
August 23, 2020

Because change is good. And change, it's a'coming.

I was all ready to self publish my first novel when a series of fortunate events changed things up. Now I am launching a new website, The Daily Grace is moving to a new address and I have exciting news about a broadened focus on creative living. WOOT!
read the full post here
Buddy orders a beer. Because, well, she's sweet, and she deserves it.

Stay home. Extend grace. Take good care.

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