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THINGS ARE HAPPENING, big things, exciting things, things that represent change and growth and expansion. For in short order The Daily Grace blog will move to a new home on the interwebs where it will joyfully live on as part of a broader conversation about living a creative life. It's an effort born of some core beliefs over which I have great passion:

Every one of us is creative, innately.

The world is hungry for what you, and only you, can offer when you embrace that creativity.

There is a richness and a beauty in living a creative life.

Along with other sources for inspiration, the new website (and updated social channels) will offer a closer look at the things I'm working on and thinking about, including all things writerly--trials and tribulations in crafting my first novel; links to published pieces and posts of unpublished works; books I'm reading and loving, and so on. Plus photography, painting, needlework, fiber art--whatever feels inspirational and relevant at the moment, their creators and links, maybe even a guest post now and then.
a little preview of good things to come
As aforementioned, The Daily Grace blog will live on the new site. There will be a new URL and an updated design even though the focus will remain largely the same: looking for grace in the everyday. I do hope you will come with me there. We're still a few days from launch, so I'll share the links when all is baked and ready.

In the meantime let's keep lifting each other up and holding each other close (virtually speaking) as we continue our walk through this confusing, confounding SUMMER of COVID. So many days it feels like such a slog. Still Tim and I remain committed to our socially distant lifestyle and we're grateful we are at a stage in life where it's something we can manage. I'm also spending a lot of time in recent days praying for parents and teachers and students as we slam into another school year.

I mean.

Anyway, here's to whatever is bringing you joy. In our house it's Zoom, Hamilton on Demand, and Happy Hour Bear Watching on the deck where the pretty view reminds us over and over and over THIS. TOO. SHALL. PASS. Which reminds me it's a great time to take those complicated feelings and make something beautiful from them--a poem, a collage, a handmade card for a friend who could use a lift.

We can do this!

Until next time,
Cheers, friends, from Tim and Cathy
Speaking of poetry, let this one settle in your heart. Pandemic, by Lynn Unger
Jen Hatmaker's For the Love podcast has a new series of 10 episodes devoted to the Enneagram and may I just pronounce IT IS OUTSTANDING. Guests include three of today's most respected experts, Suzanne Stabile, Father Richard Rohr and Ian Cron. (What a lineup.) Every episode is gold, but DO NOT MISS the opening "Enneagram Primer" with my favorite guru Suzanne Stabile, who provides a great perspective on how we can learn to use the Enneagram as the ultimate empathy tool, then she gives a great overview of all nine types. I also really loved Sarah Bessey, episode 10, who left my Enneagram 9 heart feeling full and understood and seen. Whether you are an Enneagram devotee or simply someone interested in learning more about how and why you do the things you do (or WHY ON EARTH YOUR SPOUSE OR CHILD OR BOSS DOES THE THINGS THEY DO) this is a wonderful deep dive. Enneagram has been life-changing for me, and I do not say that lightly.
Huge Black Bear Spotted Relaxing in a Pool is One Summer Mood (Y'all. This photo.)
Beach Read
Beach Read, by Emily Henry
A great pick if you're looking for, well, a beach read.
Mozart in the Jungle. Okay, so maybe the pantomime orchestra conducting is terrible, and the fake orchestra playing is terrible, but somehow this series still sucked us in. (We also paired it with a viewing of my second favorite movie of all times, Amadeus, which is as good today as it was in 1984 AND the acting-conducting is amazing, thank you F. Murray Abraham and Tom Hulce.
July 2019

Hey. Look.

It is so quiet in the mountains, our mornings and afternoons and evenings are filled with the sounds of birds and wind and bees. But there is also a gigantic gift in simply looking around, in noticing the beauty a gentle quiet brings.
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July 23, 2020 8:46 pm

Stay home. Extend grace. Take good care.

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