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Valentine Gifts, Broken Hearts, and Being a Love Distributor

Feb 13, 2018 | god & grace | 3 comments

These are words that arrived in my inbox from Jen Hatmaker, an author and social media influencer I adore. It’s my hope Jen would send me an “at a girl” and not a “cease and desist” for sharing them here. I believe they are words the whole wide world needs to hear.

Quick reminder to any of you that feel a little blah about Valentine’s Day: this is an invented day to sell chocolate. If you are single (or newly single) or struggling in your relationship or missing someone or married to someone who isn’t thoughtful or divorced or just in a sad place this year: don’t you dare let V Day get in your head. Be in charge of your own story. “A day for love” means you can love anything and anyone in any way you want. Call your BFF. Book a massage. Cook a killer dinner and invite some friends over. Grab your kids and watch a funny movie with pizza. Write some love notes to your mom and dad. Tackle five Random Acts of Kindness. Don’t let the tail wag the dog. You are loved and worthy of love and lovable and a love distributor. You own this day as much as anyone.


So if you’re feeling a little down, or a lot filled up, celebrate V Day in a biggest and bestest way. Distribute some love!


  1. Sharon

    Amen!!! I have never been a fan of VDay, either.

  2. Wiley McCarthy

    Love this! Have never been a fan of Valentine’s Day, regardless of relationship status. Be a love distributor–how great is that?

    • Cathy

      My reaction, exactly! Thanks, Wiley.

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