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When It Dawns On You

Oct 16, 2017 | travel & adventure | 7 comments

I’ve placed this photograph in this blog post I’d say…oh, 10 times or more. I’ve taken it out. I’ve put it back in, smaller, taken it out. Put it back in, made it larger, made it smaller, walked away.

And here it is now. Large.

Why the angst, I wonder? Why the need to get it just right?

Perhaps it is because the moment I snapped the photo felt so right, so perfect, so awe-filled. Perhaps what I want is for you to be there, too, to step with me into the early morning cold, the world dark and still, the mountains starting their glow. I want you to feel and see and know, as I did, in that moment.



My dear friend, Jay, is there, too. He doesn’t say a word, just stands there with me while I take it all in. Then he says, oh so quiet, See the star? I look again. I look closer.

Sure enough there it is, up and just to the right. A star.



I turn to the left. West, toward my beloved Mother tree.

There is this.



Good heavens, I think, how beautiful is the gift of another day.

How awesome it is to be reminded in such a beautiful way.




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  1. Jean Griffin

    This makes me think of how many times during family vacations, Mom and Ed Ellis watched sunrises together and marveled at God’s power. It is a wonder to see!

  2. Cheri

    It IS an amazing image. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Cathy

      So happy to share it with you! Thanks for reading, Cheri, and for commenting. It means so much!

  3. Jean McElroy

    God has a way of making us stand in awe taking in his wonderful work. Thank you for sharing.

    • Cathy

      Yes! And Jay has a way of making sure I see. Thanks for commenting, Jean!

  4. Joretta

    Good Heavens indeed, you dear, dear person.
    Thank you so much.

    • Cathy

      I need you standing on that deck with me one of these early mornings! Different every day.

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