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Jun 30, 2017 | making & doing | 6 comments

Friends are coming for the long holiday weekend and so we ran down the mountain to get the necessary supplies. On my list before groceries was a stop for new yarn and needles.

I need to teach these girls to knit, you see.

Not because they asked, exactly. But because, well, I might have–sort of–insisted.

It was my first time in this sweet yarn shop and the selecting of fiber/color/yardage took a bit of time. When I was at last ready to check out the precious owner, who’d shared a bit of the winding road that had led her to this place, offered two sets of free needles. She understood I would be teaching and therefore setting loose into the world two new knitters.

It was a most gracious offer.

Still I refused, suggesting she needed to make a living.

No I don’t, she said. Then she smiled.

I am making a life.




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  1. Sylvia Montesinos

    Just in town for a few weeks and met Wendy. I got my lesson and needles and yarn to practice, all a gift from her. What grace. So glad this kind of place exists in our world. I’ll be going back to stock up on needles and yarn soon. Ps. She told me about your blog.

    • Cathy

      Good for you! I’ve been knitting away this summer and am so happy to find her precious shop. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Vicki

    You need to teach me to knit! I’d love to learn!

    • Cathy

      I would love to teach you!

  3. Sharon

    That last comment made my heart skip a beat!!! I think you have found a new home, Cathy!

  4. Cindy Enfinger

    Just look at you my friend..continuing to share your purls of wisdom and drawing yet others into this close-knit community of yarnaholics! Praise hands holding needles!

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