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The Daily Grace

Day 12: The Kite Rescue

Jul 12, 2016 | thirty-days projects | 4 comments


HE BROUGHT THE MATTER UP several times during the day. So when our work was done and the sun began to fade, and there was mention of a ride across the ridge…

I mean, what was there to do? How could we not go?

And so we piled into Tim’s truck–all four of us–and headed for the pretty spot we’d found the last weekend we were there together. There was a kite, you see, hanging to the side of that mountain, a colorful kite he spotted then that Eddie was hell bent on rescuing now.


GOOD LORD, we all thought as we looked over the edge and realized how far down he’d have to go to get the thing. Good lord, we thought, as we realized how steep–and how rocky–would be his journey.



(this is not a staged photo)


Back up the truck, said Eddie. I’ll latch on.

Good lord, is what we girls said, and we looked at each other in desperation and disbelief.

We walked in the other direction.

We averted our eyes, Cindy and I, our eyes if not our hearts.

The mere thought of it was terrifying, was the thing. Terrifying.

And over the edge he went.



there he goes



WE PACED. We paced, she and I, back and forth, back and forth, not daring to throw even the slightest glance in the direction of that truck. We hemmed. We hawed. And after some extremely anxious moments we tossed the question over our shoulders: Everything okay?

There was no answer.


AND THEN THERE HE WAS, his head coming up and over the ridge, Eddie and the kite.

And we saw the smile, Eddie’s broad smile, and in spite of ourselves,

we laughed.



The Man, victorious





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  1. Shanna

    Oh my goodness! I’m practically pacing just thinking about it!

    • Cathy

      It was so scary! Seriously. The side of that mountain fell straight down–but he was determined! Love his heart–it was not even our kite, but Eddie felt like it deserved more life, and now it shall have it! Thanks for commenting, Shanna!

  2. Cindy Enfinger

    I can’t even! Heart pounding just looking at the pics lol! What a memory….xxoo

    • Cathy

      I can’t, either! XXOO

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