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Day 4: Opening Day

Jun 19, 2016 | 30 Days of Fun, thirty-days projects | 1 comment


It’s a sport we love, my friend Leslie and I, and one about which we are pretty doggone serious. We spend all Spring counting the minutes until Opening Day–the one designated by Mr. Bill, who watches over and makes the call–that yes, time to come on! Then we load up the car and head straight for Lexington’s Blueberry Hill Farm where we strap buckets to our bodies and commence to making our way up and down the rows picking and eating, and picking and eating, and picking and …well, you get the idea.

It’s a gorgeous way to spend a summer morning. And since it’s the Summer of Fun, this time, we invited my husband to come along!


the bushes are loaded!

the bushes are loaded!


Leslie and Mr. Bill

Leslie and Mr. Bill



a dynamic duo


See what I mean about the eatin'?

See what I mean about the eating?



a promise–and a beautiful reason to come back next week!





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1 Comment

  1. Dolly

    Tim said it was time to pick the blueberries!

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