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House Hunters (2016)

Mar 16, 2016 | birds & bears | 3 comments

You know all that work we did to make a new home for the bluebirds? The one that’s as snake-safe as we can make it, and that (now) has its own built-in sun shield, thanks to my handy husband? The bluebirds have checked on it day after day after nearly-spring day, this being their third nesting season with us on Bickley’s Pond.



I’m liking this new addition.


Then out of the blue (so to speak), this happened.



You looking at me?


A sweet chickadee couple got to building the cutest little tiny moss green nest in the bluebird box. Which created a real dilemma for me. I mean, what’s not to love about a chickadee!



They are so good-natured!


So we rushed to put up another birdhouse, one with a tiny opening and a smaller nest cavity in the ridiculous hope they might abandon the bluebird house and move on over.

You simply can’t believe this. They did!



This is more our style.


Now we’re just curious to see what the bluebirds do. My beloveds  seem both 1) a little late building, and 2) not too worried their house was temporarily claimed. I mean, they have visited each afternoon but through the entire ordeal have never shown any aggressive behavior toward the sweet chicks–even when there was a mossy nest being built in their living room.



Well that’s curious. It seems to now be empty.


So we wait. And watch. And hope. Which now that I think of it seems to be the story of my life when it comes to this precious bluebird couple!

Happy spring,



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  1. Colleen

    I had no idea that chickadees were so accommodating. Perhaps they felt the new nest was an upgrade. Now the waiting begins. So happy that I get to spend next week waiting with you!

  2. Wiley McCarthy

    Love this story, Cathy. How brilliant of you to provide an alternative for the chickadees. I have had a small bird of indeterminate species wintering over in a birdhouse on my front porch, so I am curious to see what happens next. I’m not sure if there is a couple in there or maybe just a cranky old bachelor.

    • Cathy

      I hope you will keep us informed. How wonderful to have a winter guest! And so I am most interested to see how it works out. So nice to have you here, Wiley!

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