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Free Forming It

Jan 28, 2016 | god & grace | 2 comments

It was a comment that made me laugh, then made me wonder, then made me rejoice.

It was Sunday afternoon, you see, and my sweet husband was parked in front of the TV for his weekly dose of NFL football. The stakes were getting higher, this close to the Super Bowl, and as it matters so much to him, I pulled up my own seat and commenced to acting interested. (Ha.) That’s when it occurred to me this thing would stretch long past afternoon into evening and I hadn’t yet written my Tuesday* post for The Daily Grace.

These playoffs are really cutting into my usual routine, I said.

You don’t have a usual routine babe, he said without so much as a glance away from the screen. Who you kidding?


It’s true. So true. My life is a free-for-all, no matter how robust my attempt to schedule things. I make To Do lists, I identify high priorities so I can attack them first. It’s all for naught, day after day, because I never–never, ever–go by the list. In fact, the moment I’ve written the dern thing I never can find it. (This is doubly true for grocery lists, which never make their way to the store with me.)

I hatch new strategies for organizing my life all the time. (Case in point: the bullet journal reference in last week’s Friday Loves post.) The New Year 2016 effort is a swell new day book I spent hours researching, tracking down and ordering. I love it. Love it. And somehow, here in this last week of the first month of the year, it’s already clear I’m never gonna let this pretty planner do its job.


my lovely day book by oneCANOEtwo

Isn’t she a beaut?


(If only I got a jolly jolt by marking things off a list. I don’t. And I should like to say to those who are process-oriented, whom I love and admire, don’t you realize the To Do list is endless anyway???)

Oh well. I shall let it go. I shall henceforth celebrate the strange nature following the whims, embracing the distractions, chasing the sparkles and the light. You’re never bored, that’s the upside. Spend your life flying by the seat of your pants and I promise you: Every day will be a glorious surprise!

XXOO (especially to my process-oriented friends and family)

*which I am therefore posting on Thursday


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  1. Sharon

    You shed a new light on the way I live my life….. As you said , “by the seat of my pants!” I will no longer resolve at each new year to be more organized…..I much prefer glorious surprises! Thanks!????

  2. Tim Steffey

    Surprise is the fuel for the journey of life.


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