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October Rolls In

Oct 1, 2015 | ideas & inspiration | 1 comment


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October rolls in like pumpkins unloaded from the farmer’s truck, a riot of shapes and sizes welcomed with wide open arms. It’s time to get your Charlie Brown on and put an autumn vignette on the doorstep. Time for carrot soup with pumpernickel croutons, hard cider, tart apples swirled in caramel. Days are shorter, brighter. Color palette of sky blue, Hermes orange, glittery gold. Grab a sweater and see the neighborhood in a new light. Don’t let a single tawny leaf float to the ground without paying homage. Fill the candy bowl! Soon Dracula and Dorothy will come bobbing up the sidewalk, with dozens more to follow. A big white owl watches from high in the oak, the sasanqua tree blossoms, tea olives perfume the air. Everything’s alive, astir. Magical October.


This post first appeared on the lovely blog Very Truly Julie. A huge thanks to my dear friend (and one of my favorite writers), Julie Degni Marr, for letting me share it with you here.



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1 Comment

  1. Meg

    Astir! I’m ready.

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