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Day 3: Return of the Purple Martins (!)

Jul 27, 2015 | birds & bears | 1 comment

Two years ago I had my first (and only) experience with the Purple Martins on Lake Murray. Its Bomb Island is the largest Purple Martin sanctuary in North America, after all, so when the birds return for a few weeks each July/August, boaters circle ’round each evening at dusk to watch them come in to roost for the night.

It is something to see. A half million of the gorgeous creatures come flying in, many right over your head.


Then last year, something very strange happened. We watched and waited, waited and watched, but the birds didn’t come. Thus was launched The Great Summer 2014 Mystery: What Happened To The Bomb Island Purple Martins? It was a topic so big, so epic NPR’s Adam Cole came to investigate and shot this really fun,  really fascinating video.


You can see why I was overjoyed to open Instagram today to find this photo by my dear friend, Cindy, hashtagged #30DaysOfFunTDG.





They’re  baacckk! Purple Martins gone wild! said her caption.

(She and I happened to be together–in the rain, fools–for my one and only sighting in 2013.)


fools, in the rain

fools, in the rain


It’s such great news.


Thank you, Cindy!


30 Days Of Fun III

Did you have some summer fun today? Leave details in the comments below, or better yet, send a photo to You can also post to instagram with hashtag #30DaysOfFunTDG or to my TheDailyGraceBlog Facebook page. I’d love to share it here!

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1 Comment

  1. Cindy Enfinger

    Thank YOU, my friend and hey-it’s called “extreme bird watching” and it’s a sport not for the faint of heart!
    Ok-we were fools….but #worthit!


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