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Day 2: Road Trip! (with a view)

Jul 25, 2015 | travel & adventure | 1 comment

At the very last minute–and by that I mean I didn’t even shower first–we hopped in the car for a quick trip to the mountains. We grabbed our things, our dog, three Lexington County peaches that were at risk of getting overly ripe, and off we went.



See? Even Little Bit is jacked.


We spent the afternoon looking at gorgeous views like this.


Then we made the drive to Clemson, where tomorrow we’re moving sweet Eliza from her house on Hillcrest Avenue. She’s about to graduate from college for real, her Recreation Therapy summer work at Camp Twin Lakes nearly over.

We made a quick stop at the Esso Club,


where we enjoyed a beer with Little Bit.

Just kidding. LB’s not a beer drinker.


Then we up and called our friends, the Maibergers, who live just around the corner, who just happened to be home, who just happened to invite us over.

It was the perfect summer day–full of whimsy, impulse, joy and friends.

I do love summer.


30 Days Of Fun III

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  1. Julie

    Moved our baby out of Clemson yesterday also.. Needed to stop off at Esso after a long day of cleaning and
    moving! ????
    Remember when we moved both of our girls to Clemson Cath? Shopping for their room “stuff” and the excitement on their faces as they moved onto their new chapter? They were together 4 years ago, starting a new chapter. They will be together again, starting another. Where did that 4 years go?? I feel so blessed and grateful that we had the last 4 years to share with you and Tim too! love you all so much. ??

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